Quick Steps to host a successful virtual event 

It’s not a hidden fact that virtual events are now mainstream. Many things have changed in the last few months and we’re now in a new normal. As an event planner, your job is to embrace these changes and come up with the best solution possible. We’re here to help you with it. In this article, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know to host a successful virtual event –

Before we begin, let’s have a look at what virtual event platform FLOOR is all about-

  • FLOOR is a virtual event platform powered by 10times
  • Using FLOOR, you can manage, market & monetize your virtual event from a single place. It is an all-in-one virtual event suite that gives you complete control of your event planning. You can manage everything from the backend partner dashboard.
  • FLOOR allows you to set-up any kind of online event, either standalone or in hybrid with physical events, be it summits, Meetups, Keynote conferences, Awards, Expos, Meetings, live roadshows, training events.



Enough of introduction, let’s look how you can host your virtual event FLOOR-

Step 1- Add your event

  • You need to start it all from your partner dashboard. This is your go-to place for real-time event management. Once you’ve logged into dashboard, you can easily add an event. To add an event,  just click on “Add event” button on upper right-hand corner of the screen –
Add your virtual event

Step 2- Specify the type of your virtual event.

Is it public or private? Is it an exhibition, conference, or workshop? Finally, choose the event type as ‘online’ and proceed-

select virtual event type

Note – Around 100+ modules are available on FLOOR, you can get your personalized FLOOR customized as per your event needs..

Step 3- Fill up your virtual event details-

  • Once you select the type of event, you’re redirected to a window where you can fill in all the basic details of your event. Fill up all the details required and click on the “submit” button.
virtual event details

Event in a Nutshell

Numbers Speak on Behalf of Event’s Success










Public :196 , One-to-one : 370




Here’s what our client has to say about FLOOR

Geetika Dayal, Executive Director

TiE (Delhi)

Having been in regular touch with the 10times team over the last few weeks, we took the decision of hosting SmashUp, our first fully online full day e-conference on Floor.

The features and functionalities were comprehensive and helped replicate a physical event. The platform worked smoothly and we did not experience any glitches. The team was responsive and fully hands-on in terms of support and coordination. We have read positive feedback from the delegates. I am confident that it will continue to grow and evolve and fulfil the gap that has been created in the ecosystem


Startups across the World meet at Smashup

Opportunity for Indian Startups to build Global Brands” An e-conference for startups that helped them get a good handle on the lay of the land to help them tune and tailor their plans and actions going forward. It brought together, entrepreneurs, startups, angel investors and venture capitalists.

The atmosphere and format encouraged participants to bond in an informal, interactive culture to enable them share & collaborate, help them learn from experience and create new ideas. Smashup! 2020 went ONLINE with the theme

“Opportunity for Indian Startups to build Global Brands #VocalaboutLocal”


Virtual conference with Real networking

Our Client was planning to host their first fully online full day e-conference amid COVID. FLOOR, by virtue of its features and functionalities, helped them replicate a physical event in Smashup!

Favorite Features from FLOOR

These features got special mention by our Client


With so many back-to-back sessions going live during Smashup, it was necessary for the hosts to coordinate with the panelists in advance.

The backstage feature on FLOOR gave autonomy to the host for coordination before getting anyone live on the stage. It also provided enough room to the speakers to get aware with the functionality of FLOOR. The ability to switch between backstage and frontstage ensured flexible management of the event.


The event brought together, entrepreneurs, startups, angel investors and venture capitalists. The motive of the event was to encourage participants to bond in an informal, interactive culture, to help them learn from experience and create new ideas.

All this would not have been possible without the networking convenience that FLOOR offers. Including public meetings, exhibitor interaction & VIP room, around 1736 meetings happened during Smashup!


Sessions Happened

Engagement During The Event

FLOOR makes it easy to Smashup! With 15+ back-to-back sessions on the FLOOR, Smashup proved to be a big hit. Every sort of interaction, be it public meetings (1534), meetings with Exhibitors (187) or VIP Table meetings (15), FLOOR had it all. 7000+ likes & handraised are enough to understand the level of engagement. Taking this interaction further, there were 550+ messages floating through the event.


Real Experiences From Virtual Event. 

The experience was like attending a live conference thanks to the arrangement of various places

The platform FLOOR used was a best experience for such a huge conference.. interesting talks and great panel of delegates

Amazing sessions and very well organised and planned! It may have been better than many offline sessions that i have attended. Good quality of participants and investors! Superb job!!

The overall event was insightful and really organized well. Everything was same as a regular event.

Well organized, well-executed, enjoyed the lounge arena fro networking.

The way forward

These features got special mention by our Client

The way the product is, it’s very easy-to-use & efficient for exhibition & conference industry. We had an easy feel of conducting events on the FLOOR, we’re now motivated to conduct more such events.


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