March 2022 Product Update

March Update

Happy March! It’s been an eventful month for us at FLOOR (as usual)! We are thrilled to share with you a bunch of cool new features and major enhancements that we have added to elevate your user experience on FLOOR.  

Let’s dive right into the latest developments without any further ado.

Networking Lounge Revamp

We’re taking event networking to a whole new level! 

Now, you can allow your attendees to auto-join tables by setting the joining method as per your preference.

Event organizers now have the power to control sessions by setting the number of tables and the joining method if they want to keep the networking lounge invite-only or auto allow attendees inside the room.

This capability will give you more control over how you wish to plan and structure your events.

Watch Party Is Now Live

There’s nothing better than enjoying a live session with some pals! 

You can now keep your attendees close and engaged during live sessions! How? By allowing them to watch sessions together by creating a “Watch Party” on FLOOR. Watch Party allows users to watch live or pre-recorded sessions together in a video-chat setting. The feature synchronizes the stream for each of the participants so that they can watch sessions, comment and interact with each other in real-time.

Mute Attendees within the Networking Lounge

Managing a multi-party virtual meeting is no mean feat for hosts!

You no longer have to worry about background noises or unmuted mics while attending sessions in the Networking Lounge!

With the new functionality, hosts can mute all or selected participants to manage background noise and distractions in a meeting. It will give the hosts more control and will allow them to have interruption-free virtual meetings.

Auto-apply Logo, Name and Seat Count To All Tables

Hit Refresh To Your Networking Lounge Experience!

We have added new options to the networking/breakout room tables that will eliminate your extra efforts to apply logo, name or seat count one by one. You can now enable bulk upload to upload logos for all networking/breakout room tables.

Whether you want to apply the same logo, name or seat count for all networking/breakout room tables or upload one by one, you can set it as per your preference. 

Boast up Attendee Engagement and Track their Activity Score With LEADERBOARD

Want more insights about attendee behaviour and engagement at your event? Good news! We just added a new feature to help!

Well, numbers don’t lie. They present the most honest picture of how successful your event was. 🏆🛣️🛣️

With Lead Score & User Journey, you can now gain insights about individual attendee engagement at your event based on the activity score in the Leaderboard. This new feature will help you to keep track of the top users navigating and engaging at your event.

Learn more about these product updates

Check out the complete list of product updates to learn more about how you can incorporate these product enhancements into your next event.

Apart from these new features and enhancements, FLOOR is packed with over 100 more exciting features. When you sign up with FLOOR, we guarantee to deliver you a seamless hybrid or virtual event. Talk to our experts to know more.

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