Virtual Awards & Ceremonies

How to take a perfectly orchestrated event from physical space to virtual space? 

And the Oscar goes to…

Awards Show and Ceremonies can be complicated online. They have a high touch & feel expectation. However, we have to adapt to the our times. With individuals and businesses comfortable with the virtual concept, these high-touch events can evolve to cater to the audience in a most convenient manner.

If your event is completely virtual or hybrid, you can allow them to participate, easily give votes or complete polls, but overall, the experience can be creatively modified to meet the end outcome of attending a virtual awards ceremony.

Awards and Ceremonies can be hosted virtually with the right solution that :


Scales with your needs

Host 10 or 100K audience in a single event. Slowly grow your community


Gives Live Voting & Polling

Run live votes/polls to get public opinion in order to make the event more engaging


Provides Smooth Presenter Experience

Speaker experience has to be smooth. You need a backstage to co-ordinate and ‘magic’ single click login


Provides High quality HD Streaming

Stream in HD quality to ensure best virtual experience


Is Easy to navigate & manage for planners

A single dashboard to manage all the action and also make changes in real-time


Can Host live or Pre-Recorded Sessions

Run multiple sessions on your agenda simultaneously. Make them live or pre-recorded, to meet your goals.

FLOOR aims to give you more. Plan your virtual award show and ceremonies with FLOOR

Drive Engagement

Use one or all: Discussion, Q&A, Polls, Hand-raise, Recording

Increase Reach

Simulcast your session to Facebook, YouTube or use the RTMP feed

Branding & Sponsor Features

Have a welcome video, show sponsors in dynamic standee or logo on stream

Run live voting or polls

Easily create polls and allow people to vote, to gauge audience sentiments

Pre-recorded Award Videos

Mix your live sessions with pre-recorded award videos to felicitate the winners

See live Audience

Keep a check on the live audience in each session



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