Virtual Fairs & Festivals

How to organize an interactive and engaging cultural event

Fairs & Festivals are our Community’s Lifeline.

We need them now, more than ever. If you are hosting one, we can make it fun on a virtual fair platform.

There can be limits on how immersive an online event can be, not much to touch & feel, but there is enough to keep your audience engaged. Host live sessions of any type, make it easy for your users to participate and feel part of a community.


Create virtual events by mixing and matching pre-build setups

Go inside FLOOR through Ticket, Invite Code or Login

Use ‘Stage’ to jump to different sessions / rooms


Set, meet and network with fellow participants

Grab a table with other attendees or watch before joining an ongoing table

Expo section of the event. For 1-to-1 meetings with exhibitors and sellers, head to booth area

Limited entry space created by the organizer. To enter, you must be pre-authorized

Facing an issue, enter the reception to find an event admin, or watch instruction videos


Get a visual representation of the entire event in one snapshot

You need a virtual event solution which understands your concerns


No limit on the audience size

Host 10 or 100K audience in a single event. Works on both desktop & laptop


Easy to navigate & manage for planners

A single dashboard to manage all the action and also make changes in real-time


Host Parallel Session of live or pre-recorded sessions

Run multiple sessions on your agenda simultaneously. Make them live or pre-recorded, to meet your goals


High quality HD Streaming

Stream in HD quality to ensure best virtual experience


Smooth Presenter Experience

Speaker experience has to be smooth. You need a backstage to co-ordinate and ‘magic’ single click login


Multiple Formats & Setup

Host a keynote, panel-discussion, or workshop. Each needs a setup that easily adapts to the event format

FLOOR is the Most Advanced Conferencing Solution which works for both virtual & hybrid event format.

Drive Engagement

Use one or all: Discussion, Q&A, Polls, Hand-raise, Recording

Increase Reach

Simulcast your session to Facebook, YouTube or use the RTMP feed

Branding & Sponsor Features

Have a welcome video, show sponsors in dynamic standee or logo on stream

On-demand / Pre-recorded Sessions

Mix your live sessions with pre-recorded sessions to meet event need

Empower the Presenter

Show presenter video on their presentation to drive higher audience connect

See Live Audience

Keep a check on the live audience in each session



Used by over 25000+ organizers around the world to build & grow their community