Virtual Training & Workshop

Take online training sessions and organize workshops on FLOOR

Virtual Training & Workshop Are The Lifelines of Post College Education

With virtual technology getting advanced, these repeat form events can reach a wider audience and engage them in ways no possible anytime before in history.

Trainer or presenter needs an environment conducive for sharing knowledge and enabling the participants to not just grasp the information but feel engaged in a more intimate environment. Virtual isn’t physical, agreed! However, you can leverage the advantages of virtual & hybrid FLOOR to deliver a personalized, more interactive and trackable experience to the audience.


Create virtual events by mixing and matching pre-build setups

Go inside FLOOR through Ticket, Invite Code or Login

Communicate the story of your event via your own website

FLOOR Landing Page

Use ‘Stage’ to jump to different sessions / rooms


Set, meet and network with fellow participants

Grab a table with other attendees or watch before joining an ongoing table

Expo section of the event. For 1-to-1 meetings with exhibitors and sellers, head to booth area

Facing an issue, enter the reception to find an event admin, or watch instruction videos


Get a visual representation of the entire event in one snapshot

You need a virtual event solution which understands your concerns


No limit on the audience size

Host 10 or 100K audience in a single event. Works on both desktop & laptop


Easy to navigate & manage

A single dashboard to manage all the action and also make changes in real-time


Paid vs. free user gatekeeping

Managing your paid event can be hard. You need an easy to use payment system which is flexible to allow free and paid users


High quality HD Streaming

Stream in HD quality to ensure best virtual experience


Smooth Trainer Experience

Make it easy for the trainer to login, manage and operate the session, present while being visible and also see live audience


Simplify Knowledge & Content Sharing

Upload content handouts in multiple format or have polls to make knowledge sharing easy

FLOOR is an interactive virtual platform which makes it ideal for organizing scalable online training sessions and workshops 

Drive Engagement

Discussion, Q&A, Polls, Hand-raise, Recordings for an immersive experience

Increase Reach

Simulcast your session to Facebook, YouTube or use the RTMP feed

Branding & Sponsor Features

Have a welcome video, show sponsors in dynamic standee or logo on stream

Recorded & Live Content

Mix your live sessions with pre-recorded sessions to meet event needs

Empower the Presenter

Show presenter video on their presentation to drive higher audience connect

See live Audience

Keep a check on the live audience in each session



Used by over 25000+ organizers around the world to build & grow their community