Get your own Virtual FLOOR

Includes Stage, Meeting Room, Booths, Lobby, Networking Lounge and lot more

0 / Month
0 / Quarter
0 / Half-year
0 / Year

50 Per Day

No Add-on Check-ins


Host Community

Conduct Business Meets

Organize Events

Ideal for less than 50 participants

50 / Month
150 / Quarter
275 / Half-year
500 / Year

Complimentary 50 Per Day

Add-on Check-ins @ 2

Check volume based pricing


All from Free plan +

Session Recordings


Ideal for upto 100 participants

400 / Month
1000 / Quarter
17500 / Half-year
3000 / Year

Complimentary 50 Per Day

400 Check-ins Pack

1200 Check-ins Pack

2400 Check-ins Pack

4800 Check-ins Pack

Add-on Check-ins @ 2

Check volume based pricing


All from Basic plan +

Custom Domain Hosting

SEO & Marketing Boost

Ideal for upto 1000 participants

2000 / Quarter
3500 / Half-year
6000 / Year

Complimentary 50 Per Day

1000 Check-ins Pack

2000 Check-ins Pack

4000 Check-ins Pack

Add-on Check-ins @ 2

Check volume based pricing


All from Premium plan +

Advanced Branding Options

Advanced Analytics

White-glove Support Setup

Ideal for upto 100K+ participants

Full Plan Comparison

Free Basic Premium+ Enterprise
Pricing 0 / Month 50 / Month 400 / Month 2000 / 3 Months
Users & Charges
Number of Floor / Events Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Checkins Included 50 50 50 50
Check-ins Beyond Daily Limit Not Available Chargeable Chargeable Chargeable
Complimentary Check-in Included 0 400 / Month 1000 / 3 Months
Community Members Upto 500 Upto 1K Upto 10K Upto 100K
Event Sessions  2 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Event Booths & Exhibition Rooms  10 100 Unlimited
Networking Open-Tables  4 20 100 Unlimited
VIP Lounge / Speakers Rooms 
Digital Content Hub 
Streaming Quality  Standard Standard HD Standard HD Premium HD
Default Virtual Background 
Custom Virtual Background
3D FLOOR Entrance Multiple
Number of Hosts (Admins) 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Event Options : Public/Private/Invite Only Public All All All
Session Streaming
Session Recordings & Download
3rd-Party Stream-in (Zoom, Restream)
Simulcast (FB, Youtube, Restream)
Session Playback Option
Pre-Recorded Sessions
Session Engagement
Discussion + Q&A 
User Access Control & Permissions 
Live Announcement Broadcasting 
Branding & Monetization
Own Domain Hosting
Email White-labeling
Networking Tables Branding
Event Sponsor Display Ads
Logo Branding on Screen
Custom screen background
Room Background Skins
Custom Button Labeling 
Dark & Light Floor Mode
Sponsor Showcase in Emailers
Community Engagement
Community Wall & Feed
In-built Social Sharing
User Profiles with Custom Fields
Private Messaging Between Members
Searchable User Directory
1-2-1 Video Meetings
Exhibitor Meeting Scheduler
Multiple Meeting Rooms
DIY Booth Management
Multiple Booth Admins
Communication & Notifications
Event Announcements & Notifications
Event Feedback Collection
Event Reminder Setup
Registration & Invites
Custom Registration Form
Contact Importing for Bulk Invites & Sharing
Smart Registration Widget
3rd party API Integration to Pull Registration
Push API for Integration with CRM via Zapier
Priority Tech Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Analytics Basic Basic Basic Advanced
SEO & Marketplace Promotion Basic Basic Boost Boost
Video / Recordings Storage 1 TB Unlimited Unlimited