4 Event Marketing and Networking Tools to boost your event’s visibility

4 Event Marketing and Networking Tools to boost your event's visibility

Are you organizing a virtual event soon and are unsure how to market your event to boost its visibility?  A virtual event cannot be organized and promoted without certain essential features and networking tools. Always opt for the best virtual event platform that enables you to create, manage and promote your virtual event seamlessly. More features give you an opportunity to reach your audience in various ways.

If you are still searching for the best event marketing and management platform, don’t worry, 10times has just the solution for you. Whether your event is physical, hybrid, or virtual – event marketing on 10times can boost its visibility. 

Here are four event marketing and networking tools that 10times provides:

1. Event websites

An essential for any virtual or hybrid event, a website serves as the go-to point for every attendee. Any query or doubt that arises in their mind, they can turn to the event’s website.

Whether it is a conference, tradeshow, exhibition, or an annual party, you need to have a well-designed event website that provides all the event details. 

The website’s essential features should be dynamic, fully responsive, SEO friendly, social media integrated, and fully customized. With 10times, you can achieve just that with minimal effort. Pre-built designs and several options give you a lot of variety to choose from. Set up your  event’s website with pre-built templates and theme options to suit your requirement. 

2. Social Media Integration

As they say, social media is everything these days. Out of sight is truly out of mind. And to move ahead of the competition, you need to be present on social media and promote your event there! A virtual event platform that doesn’t provide social media integration can be a huge minus for your event. 

10times event marketing features provide social media integration for your event to drive your engagement and visibility across all social media platforms. Utilize the extensive reach of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and other social platforms for your event.  Live streaming options are available on 10times to stream your event across platforms.

3. Marketing Campaigns

The facility of creating and tracking a custom marketing campaign is vital when it comes to event marketing. Being the world’s largest event discovery platform, you can draw maximum visibility from your target audience worldwide with 10times’ offerings. The analytics provided can be used to manage your campaign and alter it as needed. 

Several creative Marketing Campaigns need to be brainstormed, created, and repeatedly analyzed for the best result. Whether video marketing, email marketing, or a social media marketing campaign, you need a different strategy for each type of campaign.

With 10times, your marketing campaigns become simpler to handle and analyze. The data you get for your campaign can help you accelerate your positives and cut out the negatives.

4. Event Marketing Software

When you use event marketing software, the listing and marketing of your event becomes easy to manage. An event marketing software enables you to multi-task and organize each aspect of the event effectively. 

Here is what you can do on the platform:

  • Set up a registration portal
  • Send out marketing emails
  • Send out newsletters
  • Send reminders to the invitees
  • Garner feedback from the attendees
  • Track the social media engagement
  • Create Promotions
  • Track the analytics and success of a marketing campaign

Besides all of the above features, with 10times, you get additional benefits because of its massive reach globally. Here’s just a glimpse of the reach they can provide to your event:

  • Over 10 million registered users are sent bi-weekly event recommendations by 10times.
  • You can get an instant visibility to an additional 100 million audience through the affiliate network of 10times.
  • Over 30 million users search for the latest and trending events on the 10times website. 

Event planning is a serious business, and a planner needs to have versatile and flexible event marketing software handy, for the best outcome. Always look for the ways a virtual event platform can help pre-event and post-event too, rather than just during the event.

A versatile event marketing software combines several capabilities such as event creation, organizing, marketing, and analyzing, rather than just hosting or streaming the event. 

10times is one of the leading event marketing platforms available for event planners. It is fast becoming the search engine for events and if you don’t want to miss out, make sure your event is registered on 10times. 

Whether it is a tradeshow, conference, exhibition, annual party, or birthday event, you can set up your event within minutes on 10times. Register your event on 10times and avail the extensive features of event marketing on the platform!

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