Fatal Event Mistakes to avoid for event planners

Everyone wants in-person events to come back. As planners, the focus is singularly on the covid situation, safety and the government policies. Yes, these are absolute must. But, lets look beyond. What else can be a game-changer and what we need to avoid?


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    1. Finding Partners:

    Most events depend on having a slew of partners. If everyone wants to jump on the very next available date, this would cause issues with potential partners signing up or over-committing.

    Bringing back your old partners and finding new partners would be a major focus. And, one of the critical elements might be the timing and dates you select.

    2. Avoiding Competition

    If you have been waiting on the sidelines, itching to launch your in-person event and getting back to business, I don’t blame you. Event planners are doers, we like madness involved in fire-fighting/ action-packed events days. But, in doing so, we cannot miss the important element of checking on the competition.

    Often, most events have overlapping audiences with other players in different regions and countries. Now, if you launch your event and it coincides with other equally popular events, you have an issue. Your audience is likely to be split and no one can be better off.

    I have heard planners tell me how having their event before their competitor allows them to have an upper hand. But, let’s not get out-foxed by the audience, they know their options.

    3. Identify Rush Dates

    In trying to go live with your in-person event, don’t forget that everyone will try doing the same. Checking on dates and what else is happening in and around the Pincode would be essential.

    We have seen that 10 small conferences can have the same effect on the city hotel price, traffic, etc. in the same way that a major trade show does.

    Check as much as possible, what other major events are planned in the city on your selected event dates. Don’t limit it to just tradeshows or conferences, but have a holistic view and include concerts, festivals and other major social events that can have an impact.

    Once you lock on the dates, make sure you publicise it clearly, so others can avoid or take note. (if either party delays, both party loses).

    4. Venue Availability

    This should be a relatively easy one if your city of choice is decided. You simply need to check with the shortlisted venues that can accommodate your event and you should be good to go. But, if you are just starting to look and have multiple options, venue availability can be a game changer in the coming days. Start talking to the venues and keep a tab on the availability across multiple locations, do you have options.

    If there is a mad rush for in-person events in the coming days, what I like to call “Revenge Eventing”, you better look into the above four factors. Incase you think any of the above four is a challenge you foresee and need help, feel free to reach out.

    In order to help event planners, 10Times is launching a comprehensive event planning and research solution to address the above four scenarios. For early beta access, signup using this link.

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