Sometimes hopping is good, especially when you are hopping to something better. If it gives better options and saves money, you better hop, skip, jump, as fast as you can. 

Jokes apart below is a comparison of FLOOR with Hopin. It highlights how we deliver better ROI and provide solutions for which you might have to spend thousands of dollars.

Hopin  with FLOOR

(Note: below comparison is as per the pricing & feature table on Hopins website as on June 18th)

Let’s talk about HOPIN and FLOOR Pricing Packages :

Both HOPIN and FLOOR offer 4 packages:

HOPIN Starter Growth Business Enterprise
FLOOR Basic Premium Enterprise Custom

We’re going to start from the basics. Very simply put, a webinar is a seminar hosted through a web-based virtual event platform. It’s often titled as web conferences, video conferences, webcast or an online seminar. Typically, a webinar features the following participants:

A. Pricing:

FLOOR pricing is 50% lower than HOPIN for the initial package for small & medium events. Regarding the business package, FLOOR is significantly more reasonable, starting at as little as $1000/ month. If you opt for FLOOR enterprise yearly, which is just $6000, it comes in at the same price as HOPIN charges for its growth package.

B. Charges:

HOPIN charges for registration not actual ‘showup’. Having been in the event space for over 10 years, we know that no one has 100% show-up rate. Would you agree? Most unpaid events have a registration to actual footfall rate at 20% average.

a.  So 100 registration in HOPINs growth package converts to just 20 actual attendees. In comparison, FLOORs basic gives you 50 check-ins (actual showups) every single day. Organisers can choose to host an event every day and get upto 1500 check-ins (which is insane value for money).

b.  Even in the second package level, FLOOR gives 400 monthly checkins + 50 free everyday (compared to 100 registration by HOPIN growth plan). You can do the math compared to your event plans.

c.  FLOOR Enterprise, which is our advance package, with everything you can ask for, you get 700 checkins + 50 daily complimentary. Our users tell us that FLOOR costed them just $1 per user, at least 1/3rd the price compared to HOPIN business.

Hopin with FLOOR Plan Comparison

C. Ticketing Commission:

If your events are ticketed, FLOOR has a policy of zero ticket commission. So you get to keep all your commission from your effort. No sharing 4-7% with a ‘virtual venue’.

    HOPIN and FLOOR Event Registration :

    FLOOR cares for the small events as well. We provide all the features needed to empower your event and don’t lock it up for our more expensive custom packages. See the table below for detail, but let’s highlight some of the major points:

    A. Custom Registration & emails :

    most events want to ask custom questions from people who sign-up and send followup emails. HOPIN restricts it in the basic plan, but FLOOR offers the same from its starter plan to help you get conversion.

    B. Automated communication scheduler :

    All of the FLOOR plans come with automated reminder & feedback collection mechanisms. It’s available for all events.

    C. Simulcast & Playback :

    HOPIN does not provide these options in its basic or growth plan. These are must haves for any event that wants to use the content and build community. FLOOR offers these features in all its plans. 

    D. Event marketplace & promotion :

    By default all FLOOR events which are open to the public get listed on our sister company (10Times), world’s leading business event platform, reaching over 50 million people. So you get some marketing benefits when hosting your event on FLOOR.

    HOPIN and FLOOR Event Registration


    HOPIN and FLOOR Attendee Experience :

    FLOOR matches with Hopin on every count. But the main difference is that FLOOR offers a 3D layout, in multiple designs and setups. Hopin does not provide any such welcome section to make your audience experience more memorable. 

    Besides below features, continue reading to see what more FLOOR offers for attendee experience compared to Hopin (such as Photobooth, etc.)

    HOPIN and FLOOR Attendee Experience

    HOPIN and FLOOR Customization & branding :

    FLOOR beats HOPIN on all counts. Besides offering a lot more options, FLOOR also opens some of these features right from its premium plan. See details below. 

    HOPIN and FLOOR Customization & branding


    HOPIN and FLOOR Integration & Analytics

    Below is a comparison in terms of the integration and analytics options. Both FLOOR and Hopin offer most of the integration & analytics options in the business plan. However, you might want to check on their exorbitant pricing for the same.

    HOPIN and FLOOR Integration

    HOPIN and FLOOR Analytics

    HOPIN and FLOOR Customization & Support

    Event planners need some hand-holding to ensure things are set up correctly and they are able to use all the amazing features technology platforms offer. While HOPIN purely keeps all custom servicing & support for its custom package clients, FLOOR provides an account manager right from our premium plan. 

    Having a dedicated person to help you setup and execute an event, which is more than a single webinar session, is an advantage for all events.

    HOPIN and FLOOR Customization & Support

    HOPIN and FLOOR Event Upgrades

    HOPIN lists a section for ‘event upgrades’. Wonder why these are called upgrades because we believe some of these are a must-have for most events. When hosting on FLOOR, you can have multiple stages in the most basic plan. Your vendor gets a dashboard and you can manage admin roles with team permissions with our premium package.

    HOPIN and FLOOR Event Upgrades



    More On  FLOOR! 

    More let’s move to what more you get with FLOOR. Yes, the comparison above already shows how FLOOR is a game-changer, but see the table below to get convinced.

    From enriched user profile with attachments to photo booth, business card exchange, digital content hub, etc. There are many ways FLOOR delivers on your need for event engagement.

    More on FLOOR !

    As you decide on your platform preference in the coming days, you would be confronted with over choice or choice overload, often referred to as ‘Paradox of Choice’. Yes, every platform has a lot to offer and you have the privilege of choosing what fits your needs the best.

    Regarding FLOOR, while there are endless features, we bring 10 years of experience serving events and we look forward to addressing your pain points and delivering a FLOOR you can call your own.

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