Tips and Best Practices for Speakers Presenting at a

Virtual Conference

Being a speaker on a virtual conference platform is quite different from speaking at an offline event. The biggest challenge on a virtual conference platform is grasping and holding the audience’s attention and connecting with them in a limited period. Also, you might be reaching out to your audience from the constant distractions of their home. This makes setting up the virtual event more challenging. Even seasoned speakers might have to rethink their strategy and approach to address a virtual audience on a virtual conference platform.

To connect with your audience in the most effective ways, consider these tips and practices for speaking on a virtual event platform.

Tips and Best Practices for Speakers Presenting at a Virtual Conference

1. Pay close attention to the technical setup

  • Make sure to turn off any notifying application such as Skype or WhatsApp, lest it pops up when you share your screen.
  • It is critical to have a  high-speed internet connection that supports seamless streaming on the chosen virtual event platform.
  • Don’t panic if there is no response from the audience. Sometimes the application can lag, and you might experience a delay of 3-5 seconds in receiving a response.
  • Make sure to use a proper headset instead of speaking directly into the laptop’s microphone. This will help you get through to the audience effectively on the virtual event platform. 
  • Use the mute button whenever you are not talking. This will prevent any distracting sounds from your home from reaching the audience.
  • The webcam of your laptop  should be focused on you and cover a significant portion of your face and shoulders. The camera must be at eye level from your face for sufficient eye contact. Always look into the camera when speaking to get through impactfully.
  • Use multiple monitors if you require. You can use one monitor to access your presentation and the other monitor to watch and assess the audience’s engagement and reactions.  
Focus on the background, clothing, posture, and speech delivery

2. Focus on the background, clothing, posture, and speech delivery

  • Don’t choose a dark or printed background for your session. Ensure that you have a neutral shade background that doesn’t steal focus. A bookcase or home office is one of the best choices for your background. Try to set up your laptop at a place that has minimum or zero disturbance.
  • Always dress in business formals or business casuals depending on the code followed by the company.
  • Ensure that you sit in an upright posture and deliver your presentation in a clear and audible tone. Maintain a good posture throughout the session and keep your energy level high.
Use diverse presentation aids

3. Use diverse presentation aids

An interactive speaker uses a mix of different aids such as slides, short video clips, or recordings to make the virtual session interesting.

  • Concepts can be significantly simplified using audio or video references. So, don’t be afraid to try them out.
  • It is essential to test any video or audio you will be playing during the conference beforehand.
  • Using a whiteboard that can help you explain concepts in real-time is also a practical option.
Appoint a moderator for the Virtual Conference Platform.

4. Appoint a moderator for the Virtual Conference Platform.

It is impossible to keep track of the incoming attendees, the chatbox, questions asked, and the presentation simultaneously. A moderator can make your job easier, especially when you are addressing a large audience.

  • A moderator can keep an eye on the chat and forward relevant questions to you at intervals.
  • The moderator can also flag, report, or remove any attendee posting irrelevant content or questions on the virtual event platform.

Moderators can also assist the attendees with instructions about basic queries like ‘how to raise a hand,’ ‘how to drop a question’ during the session.

Appoint a moderator for the Virtual Conference Platform.

5. Experiment, Interact, and Repeat

You will never know what works unless you experiment. Even if you fail, you have learned something. And if it works, no one’s complaining!

  • Stay open to experimenting and failing. This way, you will achieve a unique style, and this is what attracts the audience. When you test, you know what to do/not to do in your future sessions. This process works as a learning curve for you as a speaker.
  • Make your session informative, interactive, and fun. Cracking a joke or being a little humorous can make your audience lively.
  • Encourage interaction by the audience by asking them to type a specific word or emoticon in the chatbox. For example, “Type ‘I HAVE’ if you have read Steve Jobs’ autobiography.”
  • Organize breakout sessions to increase engagement. Form groups in the audience and give them a question or situation to analyze. Each group can develop a unique solution, which adds value to the session and increases the interest level of the audience.
  • You can effectively read the room by asking the audience to bring specific questions, case studies , or even physical items like YES and NO placards for Q&As during your session on the virtual conference platform. This can increase the engagement and also help the speaker read the room correctly.
  • Instant feedback  like typing yes or no in the chat box  or holding up placards can serve as essential tools that aid the speaker in reading the room.

The above tips and practices will ensure that even as a remote speaker, you will be impactful and well received by your audience. An important part of a successful conference is having the right virtual conference platform that not just supports but also enhances your speaking skills. 

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