Top 10 Features on FLOOR In 2022

As we’ve been hosting virtual events for the past few years now, we know the value of branding, engagement opportunities or collaborative breakout sessions that eliminate the monotony of an online event. With extensive features and a myriad of engagement tools, FLOOR is one of the best virtual event platforms to host events of all shapes and sizes.

Check out the list of Top 10 Features on FLOOR In 2022 below:

1. Multiple 3D Visual Designs

Don’t settle for flat designs. Bring life to your virtual environment with multiple 3D visual designs available on FLOOR. Choose different designs via FLOOR theme feature to match the mood of your event. Make your event truly unique and memorable, by providing a visually rich event experience to your attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.


2. Create Different Session Types

The power of in-person events is networking and FLOOR does a great job at replicating that. You can host a large or a closed roundtable event or a breakout session – all on FLOOR! 

As an event organizer, you can create different session types at your virtual event to host single or multiple sessions, panel discussions, and more.

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3. Access Across Devices

Allow users to join your event via desktop, laptop, or phone without any restrictions.

FLOOR offers an easy to access online platform that allows users to join the event from any device, anytime seamlessly. With access across devices, attendees can watch and participate from anywhere, even if they only want to attend a few sessions while on the move. 

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4. Brandable Virtual backgrounds

Don’t just offer virtual backgrounds, brand it with FLOOR! 

Customize every step of the attendee experience and bring life to your brand identity by setting brandable virtual backgrounds. With FLOOR, you can set logos or banners as background images and narrate your brand story visually.

5. Drive Communication With Social Feed

Engage your audience before, during and after the event with a social community feature on FLOOR.

The need for engagement is real, not only during but before and after your event as well. With the social community feature on FLOOR, attendees can see what people are talking about and how they’re engaging with the event.

Virtual event platform

6. 12 Branding Options

Up to 2x more branding options than most other virtual platforms!

FLOOR allows you to make your event truly yours with complete branding freedom. The virtual entrance, lounge, photo booths, etc. can be fully white-labelled and customised to your brand. The visually-rich branding options offer ample opportunities for high-impact visibility for you and your sponsors.

Virtual event platform

7. Social Conferencing

Enable social tables during your conference to drive higher user attention!

Allow attendees to interact with exhibitors and admins through social conferencing. FLOOR provides high-quality live and video-on-demand sessions with interactive tools like Q&As and polls. Representatives and attendees can also get into 1:1 discussion over text, audio and video chat.

Virtual event platform

8. Leaderboard

Drive gamification with an in-built leaderboard!

Gain insights about individual attendee engagement at your event based on the activity score in the Leaderboard. You can amp up the fun quotient with contests and incentivize attendees to engage with the Leaderboard. Making use of the reward psychology you can let attendees not only enjoy your event but also create a positive buzz about the event itself. This is a feature on FLOOR that organizers must not miss out on.

Virtual event platform

9. In-built Marketing

Send mass messages or promote your event via our external partners.

FLOOR provides in-built marketing tools that you can use to draw a crowd for your event.

Virtual event platform

10. Automated Communication

Enjoy fast, automated communication through timely reminders, emails, and follow-ups on FLOOR!

FLOOR offers a smarter and more engaging event experience by automating the entire process. You can schedule emails, invitations and reminders, manage speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors in one place.

Apart from these top 10 features, FLOOR is packed with over 100 more exciting features. When you sign up with FLOOR, we guarantee to deliver you a seamless hybrid or virtual event. Talk to our experts to know more.

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