August 2022 Product Updates

As a company, we are committed to responding to client feedback quickly. Our team is ready to go to any length to ensure that your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors have a memorable virtual event experience.

We are excited to present you with several exciting new features and significant enhancements for this September release.

 Let’s check out our major highlights below without further ado.

01. Session Playback in Preview Mode

Never let your attendees miss a moment of action from your event. Now after a session is over, you can allow your attendees to access it for playback in preview mode/community mode.

02. Access Speaker Profile & Video Directly in the Panel

Attendees can now view Speaker profiles and videos listed in the panellist tab. 

On clicking a Speaker’s name in the panellist tab, you can check out his/her details including their biography and available videos. You can also send a private message to the Speaker by clicking on the message button at the bottom of the tab.

03. Monetization & Branding Progress Bar

Explore all branding options in one place. Make your event more lively and impressive. Now organizers can check the progress while uploading session details and brand their events to get more visibility. With this new feature, organizers can

  • Apply logo and video for multiple sessions at once.
  • Apply logo for multiple tables at once.
  • Customize the event URL.

04. Get Complete Session Details in Community Mode

Not only is the stage more visually appealing with the new update, but it also includes a feature we are excited about: Session Time and Date Details! ⚡⚡

Along with the panellist list, the session details provide information about the date and time of sessions that users want to explore or attend.

05. Upload Speaker PPTs In Advance

Utilise multiple options while sharing your presentation!

The new feature allows you to select how you wish to share your presentation. You can now upload your presentation in advance on FLOOR rather than first sharing your screen and then opening the PPT to present. With this update, you can either choose to share your entire screen or you can directly present the uploaded PPT.

Check out the complete list of product updates to learn more about how you can incorporate these product enhancements into your next event.

Apart from these new features and enhancements, FLOOR is packed with over 100 more exciting features. When you sign up with FLOOR, we guarantee to deliver you a seamless hybrid or virtual event. Talk to our experts to know more.

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