5 Tips to Manage Remote Speakers at a Virtual Conference

Virtual conference platforms are becoming the go-to solutions for conducting conferences and meetings. As virtual events are gaining momentum, some event planners are dealing with a lot of challenges. One such challenge is how to manage the remote speakers effectively during a virtual conference.

The remote speaking sessions on a virtual conference platform should be managed in a way that the audience gets maximum value while ensuring that the speakers feel comfortable and uninhibited.

Here are  a few tips that can help you manage remote speakers better:

Managing Remote Speakers at a Virtual Conference

1. Curate the Speaker Content

The remote speakers create their own content for the conference, but it is likely that they are not that well-acquainted with the difference of perception between an in-person audience and a virtual audience.

Here is how you can help:

  • You can assist the speaker in creating their content and modify it to address the virtual audience. 
  • One crucial aspect of virtual event platforms is that the audience’s attention span is limited. Therefore, it is critical to create speaker content that is not just catchy but also time-bound. Keep the presentations short and crisp. 
  • Ensure that you ask the speaker to keep the session interactive using the virtual conference platform’s features. 
  • Make sure the speaker content has enough value-addition for the audience and a key takeaway. 

2. Introduce the Virtual Conference Platform to them

You might think that almost everyone knows how to join or attend events on a virtual event platform. But being a speaker at such an event can be complicated. The speaker is expected to get on the virtual stage, deliver crisp content and hold the audience’s attention, all within a limited time frame. To do all of the above things, they must be well-acquainted with the virtual conference platform. 

  • A virtual event, though providing a massive reach, comes with its share of technical complexities. Thus, it is vital to brief the speakers about the virtual conference platform in detail. 
  • You can ask the virtual conference platform to provide enough tech support for the remote speakers. With FLOOR, creating virtual events or conferences is really simple and seamless. 
  • Orient the speakers about how to use the virtual event platform to deliver a presentation.
  • Run a LIVE demo for them to get on stage, share their screen, enable their A/V and so on.
  • You can partner with an A/V company that provides training and assistance to the speakers regarding presentations, speaking, sending handouts, or managing any glitches.

3.  Brief the Speakers

While the audience doesn’t mind the duration being extended by a few minutes, a long extension can become quite frustrating, especially on a virtual event platform. Briefing the speakers is essential and here are some pointers you shouldn’t miss out on. 

  • Don’t take it for granted that speakers know about the proceedings on a virtual conference platform. It would help if you were clear to them about what activities can/cannot be a part of their session. 
  • Ensure that the remote speakers are well aware of the agenda beforehand and know the time slot and duration allotted to them.
  • Ask the remote speakers if they need time for any QnA, polls, and activities. Make sure to design it as a part of the agenda.
  • The speaker should well understand that they must stick to the time slot allotted to him and not extend it.
  • Make it clear to them that they have to attend the rehearsals and the timings of the rehearsal. Speakers might want to give it a skip, but you must ensure that they are present for the trials. 
Virtual Conference Platform

4. Rehearse on the virtual event platform

As an event planner, you must ensure that the entire event’s flow is well planned and each person – host, speakers, sponsors, tech team knows when it is their turn to act. 

  • When rehearsing, you might encounter the challenges that any or all of these people face. Ensure that they are comfortable and doubt-free. 
  • Some things  you must check out during the rehearsal are  the speaker’s video quality, their positioning, the background they are using, whether or not they require prompts.
  • This also serves as a chance to re-run through the speaker’s script and manage their session according to a clock. 
  • Let the speakers know what they are to do if they cannot be seen, heard or their connection drops. Please provide them with chat assistance or on-call assistance for the event. 
  • Many event planners make the mistake of just talking about the  rehearsal to the participants. It is vital to ‘rehearse’ the entire event to check the real-time problems you might face on the day.
  • If this is your  speaker’s first time presenting  at a virtual event, make sure to provide them quick tips on how they can communicate better on a virtual  event platform. 
  • The rehearsal serves as a check for all the presentations, videos, and sponsor banners that will feature on the virtual event platform. 

5. Build Relations with the Speaker

The speaker will lend an ear to you as you are the event planner. But don’t forget that they are the experts in their fields and they must be looked after.

  • Maximize this opportunity to build a lucrative business relationship with the speakers. If you can do that, they might even be up for a guest appearance or a bonus Q&A  session for your audience in future events. 
  • Forming a cordial relationship benefits you as well as the speaker as they get a stage where they can highlight their skills, gain followers, subscribers, and network with the audience.

Choose a virtual event platform that has features and facilities to make your speakers feel comfortable. With FLOOR, you can create and rehearse your virtual event and even promote it easily. If there is not a proper coordination or understanding between the speaker and event planner, it is evident – even on a virtual event platform. So, make sure you work as an event creator and not as a planner. It would help if you directed them, communicated with them and established a bond with them to create a successful virtual event.

Virtual Conference Platform

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