5 Best Hybrid Event Platforms To Host Your Events In 2022

Hybrid events have gained immense popularity because they bring in-person and virtual events together on a single platform. However, they are more complicated and need a feature-rich and flexible tech to be organized, hosted, and conducted successfully. 

The hybrid event platform you use should meet the expectations of your attendees, stakeholders, and sponsors. It should be able to keep up with the demands of modern-day attendees. And remember, you have two sets of attendees with different expectations and only one platform to fulfill them both! This is why we consolidated a list of 5 hybrid event platforms you need to look out for in 2022. 

But first, let us look at some essential features that any hybrid event platform should have to host your hybrid event. 

Hybrid event platform

Essential Features in a Hybrid Event Platform

1. Ease of Usage

A hybrid event platform works the best when everyone involved can use it without hassles. Look for a platform that is clean and has a user-friendly interface. Many planners go for complicated tech platforms just for the added features while their attendees struggle to use the platform for basic things such as registration, chat, polls, etc. Make sure the event experience you offer isn’t tiring and troublesome because of the complicated technology involved. Ease of usage should be one of the topmost priorities to host a seamless hybrid event.

Hybrid Event Platform

2. Customizability

Branding is an essential aspect of every hybrid event. Without good branding, your event might not be remembered, and your attempt at creating a community might not succeed. Remember that a customizable hybrid event can hold two very distinct event environments for a medical conference and a gaming event on the same platform. 

Select a hybrid event platform that offers end-to-end customization options such as customization of registration forms, websites, emails, apps, and the virtual event environment. 

Another aspect of customizability is the option for your attendees to customize their experience with your event. Abilities such as personalized agenda, meeting, schedule, avatar, bio, and much more will pique your attendees’ interest. You can also offer them customized badges and statuses like VIP etc., to create distinct member levels. 

3. Data Security

Don’t forget the importance of data security while you’re managing the two sets of attendees of your hybrid event. Your data should have access permissions and passwords and be stored on a non-hackable system. Data security is a non-negotiable feature you should seek in your hybrid event platform. 

Hybrid Event Platform

4. Integration Facility

A single virtual event platform cannot possess all the features one desires. This is why integration is essential. It saves time with data transfers, streaming, and many other features that can be integrated into your hybrid event with the help of other tools.

5 best hybrid event platforms to host your events


A fully customizable virtual and hybrid event platform known for its best-in-class systems, FLOOR is an all-in-one solution for event planners and community builders. The best part about FLOOR is that it goes beyond the virtual and hybrid event space provision and enables an organization to build, engage and manage its community using a single platform. 

FLOOR provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and chat. It also has an extensive FAQ section and forum for knowledge sharing. It works seamlessly across laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It is the preferred choice of organizations thanks to its plethora of features such as screen sharing, virtual lobby, social promotion, ticketing, surveys, and customizable branding, to name a few.  

Floor virtual event platform

2. Hubilo

A hybrid event platform that aims to deliver interactive and immersive event experiences, Hubilo was known for in-person events before the pandemic. Post-pandemic, Hubilo started providing virtual event solutions too. It has an interactive leaderboard, a sleek and modern appearance, making the front-end and back-end easy to navigate. 

One of its limitations is that it is not mobile-friendly and doesn’t provide enough customizability. It has minimal data analytics, which can be more expansive to provide detailed insights. Its native video streaming can be buggy sometimes.

3. Cvent

Cvent is a popular software founded in 1999, providing virtual event solutions that include registration, report sharing, data collection, and event management. It has flexible features for virtual events and a solid in-person component. The best feature of Cvent is that it provides ticketing and attendance tracking solutions for large, scale multi-day events. 

The only limitation with Cvent is that it is less flexible and provides minimal customizability compared to other hybrid event platforms.

4. Bizzabo

Initially a networking tool for professionals, Bizzabo has evolved into a cloud-based event management platform that facilitates integration with multiple tools. It enables companies to manage virtual as well as hybrid events with ease. The best features of Bizzabo include its unique website builder that allows HTML Customization. It has a seamless navigation facility, flexible registration, and payment management inside the event environment. 

Limitations of the platform include the lack of extensive customizability, seamless poll, and reporting features.

5. SpotMe

A B2B event marketing platform that started as mobile technology, SpotME has grown to include onsite and virtual event management tools. It is easy to invite people with links or social media. The platform is famous for its friendly user interface and intuitive CMS. 

Some limitations with the platform include limited LIVE broadcasting and breakout session functionality. The navigation for admins backstage could be much better for ease of use. 


The number of virtual and hybrid event platforms is consistently rising, and it can be challenging to find the right platform for your event. However, you can select an effective hybrid event platform that suits your requirement from the list above. 

With FLOOR, you can seamlessly organize, host, market, and monetize your virtual or hybrid event. You can book a DEMO with FLOOR.

Hybrid event platform

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