Top 8 Tips to Boost Your Revenue With An Event App

Technological advancements have substantially changed the world in the last few decades. Smartphones, the father of all gadgets, are at the center of this technological upgrade as they perform a multitude of functions. With the Android & iOS apps of today, our lives have become more convenient. Event apps are no different as they increase attendee engagement and improve event ROI.

An event app is a planning and management tool designed to enhance attendees’ and planners’ experiences. During the event planning and guest engagement process, all or part of the event management process is centralized onto one device – the smartphone. A mobile app for your event can support onsite check-in and registration, badge builders, gamification, and more. This tool is essential for anyone attending your event: attendees, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors, plus your team and sales reps. 

In addition to networking features, mobile apps can include advertising, audience response, polling, and even tracking of learning objectives and continuing education credits. Even a small meeting can be enhanced by mobile event apps that combine the best features and functionality of mobile devices with unique touchpoints, interaction capabilities, and data collection mechanisms that enhance the value of the meeting for all attendees. The best way to get an event app for conferences is to sign up with a top-notch event platform. With the help of the team, you can customize your app and select the features you want.


How To Generate Revenue Using Your Event App for Conferences

The long-term goal of any marketing effort is to generate revenue. Therefore, you need to ensure that the event content reflects this as well. Your event app for conferences can assist you with this. Several features can directly or indirectly boost your revenue quite significantly.

1. Provide Visibility for Sponsors

88% of sponsors attend events to increase awareness.  There are many ways to showcase your sponsors in your app. Typically, the app’s home screen contains banner ads that can be purchased inside the app. The ads can link to the sponsor’s mobile website.

Offer premium listings and opportunities inside the app in a variety of places. The sponsor of the event should be able to track how many attendees interacted with their brand by having participants ‘check in’ at the event or scan a code upon entry.

Best Hybrid Event Platform

2. Sell Tickets Via Mobile App

A ticketed event is the most direct way to generate revenue. So, you can sell tickets through the mobile app during registration. Visitors can download the app, purchase tickets, and gain access to your event.

3. Lead Retrieval Sponsors & Exhibitors

An event app can contain a fully-featured lead retrieval module that can only be accessed by selected sponsors. Exhibitors can use the lead retrieval module to scan a QR code or barcode on a visitor’s badge using their phones or tablets. After the show, they can download a list of all the leads they collected. To follow up efficiently after the event, be sure to enable lead forms, so exhibitors can input extra information when they scan their badges.


4. Create Gated Event Content

You can monetize various parts of your event by putting them behind a paywall. Of course, make sure most of your event is accessible for everyone. However, you can also include some exclusive panel discussions or networking lounges which offer something above the ordinary. As a result, visitors will be enticed to enter these spaces. All you have to do is provide the right value.

5. Allow Social Media Sharing

People use social media on their smartphones most frequently. So, you should make sure your app lets the audience share to their social media platforms. You should include social media sharing buttons in everything, from your virtual photo booth to the leaderboard. They’ll give your event exposure and market it to a much wider audience without you having to spend much. 

6. Use Data-Driven Lead Generation Technology

You can generate leads by using the data reporting features of your event app. From registration to the end of the event, collect data at all stages. This will help you get deep insights into your audience’s interests and into what people want. Then, you can use these data analytics for future event planning or as monetized marketing collateral. 

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7. Add Attendee Engagement Activities for Insights

You can add features like quizzes and surveys to your event app. These audience engagement activities will help you attract your audience, generate leads, and also get more revenue in the future. A scavenger hunt on the app or a social media wall will also increase engagement, and then give you the data you need for your future marketing campaigns. 

8. Send Push Notifications

You can use push notifications to notify visitors and clients of your latest offers even after the event has ended. You can use this list of visitors as an audience for your marketing and lead generation efforts. Their presence at your event shows some sort of interest in your company, so you shouldn’t ignore any opportunities. Build your email and other marketing lists using the app, and also send updates throughout the event about your offers and deals. 

So, these are just a few of the ways you can generate revenue with your mobile event app. You can explore many other opportunities, depending on the nature of your event and industry. To sum up, a mobile app allows you to reach a wider audience for events. You can leverage this convenience to generate leads and revenue by adding the right features. FLOOR by 10Times provides a custom community app super-powered for audience engagement. Contact us today to create a centralized communications hub and massively boost engagement.


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