9 Key Features You Must Consider When Selecting the Best Hybrid Event Platform

Undoubtedly, hybrid events are more complex than solely virtual events because planners are responsible for engaging both in-person and virtual audiences with the hybrid event. The biggest challenge when choosing a hybrid event platform is finding a platform specializing in hybrid formats and allowing you to run both aspects of the hybrid event with zero errors and maximum flexibility. 

The best hybrid platforms have a mixture of smooth functionality, reputability, and customer service. Having the right event platform is a non-negotiable factor in making an event successful, especially when trying new ideas. 

But there are a few other essential features you shouldn’t compromise on while choosing your hybrid event platform. 

Let’s have a look.

1. Event Mobile Application

Apps are a staple, and almost every successful business, small or big, has an app these days. An event mobile app gives the attendees easy and mobile access to your hybrid event. Your attendees can engage with the event and with each other via the app. 

With in-app features like chat, video interaction, polls, QnAs, participants feel like they’re genuinely connecting whether they’re attending your hybrid event in person or virtually. An app with social feed integration is a cherry on the cake. Attendees can communicate instantly and express their opinions, thoughts, and reactions as the event proceeds.

Hybrid Event Platform

2. Modern and Seamless Tech-Tools 

Ask yourself questions like: Is the platform truly capable of organizing and hosting a hybrid event? Does it have enough tools for the virtual and in-person aspects of the event? Technological factors such as audio-visual issues, broadcasting issues, network issues can disrupt a seamless hybrid event. 

Designate a flexible system and portal for your in-person and virtual guests. Look for a platform that’s easy to use and easier to set up! User-friendliness is of prime importance.

3. Essential Engagement Tools

A recent report by Markletic mentions 46% of speakers at a hybrid event had difficulty engaging both – a virtual and in-person audience simultaneously.  Such facts make it more important to have high-quality engagement tools for the audience. Features that can help the participants overcome one-way communication fatigue can prove valuable. Tools that provide interaction and communication to bridge the audience gap play a crucial role. Here are some features you can look out for:

  • Live Polling Feature
  • Question and Answer Feature
  • Breakout Rooms/Sessions
  • Chat Rooms or Sessions
Virtual event platform

4. Customizability

Is the platform you’re choosing customizable? If yes, then to what degree? Being an event organizer, you will want to impress your client by providing maximum customization for the event. The platform’s features should be such that you can integrate and highlight the client’s brand and increase awareness around their product or service. 

It will be a good idea to check if the event platform has customizable themes, customized banners, placeholders, and customized labels at strategic points in their app, website, and software.

5. Diverse Content Delivery

Are you ready to handle it if your in-person audience asks for a pre-recorded session to be played once again? Does your event platform have the flexibility to deliver both on-demand and LIVE content? These are questions you must answer Yes to, always! 

LIVE broadcast, or live streaming, is essential for engagement and interactive sessions but pre-recorded content delivery is crucial too. For example, if one of your speakers is not available due to an emergency, you can always play their pre-recorded session for your audience.  Also, sometimes attendees can request playback of a particular session because they missed it or want to run over that concept once again.

6. Integrated Monitoring 

Analytics and reporting are essential to understand the success or ROI of your hybrid event and make improvements in the future. Some important analytics include sponsor engagement, attendee participation, session attendance, session ratings, reviews, check-ins, mid-event exits, spatial analytics, etc. 

You don’t want to waste time collecting the insights, statistics, and feedback from both audiences separately or across different devices one by one. You must seek a hybrid event platform with an integrated monitoring system that gives you a detailed insight into vital event analytics.

Hybrid Event Platform

7. Flexibility in the pricing

It is not uncommon to have options of hybrid event platforms with a price ranging from $ to $$$ for your event. Choose a virtual event platform that offers you flexibility in the pricing with its different plans (and features). Choose the one that provides maximum within your budget for the best results.

8. High on adaptability

You should choose an all-in-one platform that can adapt to any environment, and it must cater to the audience of both types, whether they’re the virtual or on-site audience. 

The chosen platform should also adapt to different technologies, which can help create excellent coordination between the audience of the virtual event and the on-site event. 

Best Hybrid Event Platform

9. Basic End-to-End Event Management

Lastly, every event platform must-have features like event registrations, an event page, check-in, registration data, agendas, payment gateways, and ticketing. Other important aspects like unique access links, QR codes, attendee badges, event marketing, and monetization for virtual and in-person audiences can be helpful too.

Don’t forget that you will need to manage shuttles, track expenses, practice cost control, manage hotel room lists, domestic transport, meal vouchers, flights, transport, etc., for your attendees. If your hybrid event platform can help you manage these things, it is a sure-shot bonus for you! 

Without these features in your event platform, you’ll be left running here and there for each of the above aspects. Choose an all-in-one event platform that makes things easy for you end-to-end through the event!  


When choosing FLOOR, the virtual event platform powered by 10times, you can make use of its high-end adaptability, innovative features, seamless customizability, interactive event app, shareable event page, flexible pricing, and modern tools to make your hybrid event a success.  

You can take a peek into the FLOOR with this demo right here and start your FLOOR experience right away. 

Once you choose the best hybrid event platform, you are through with your most major responsibility. The other crucial aspects of your hybrid event include effective planning, management, and content delivery. Go Hybrid with FLOOR – your wholesome virtual event platform!

Hybrid Event Platform

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