Top 10 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas For 2022

Companies have embraced remote or hybrid work culture with team members scattered across different locations. Hosting engaging online get-togethers are a life-savers, rekindling a sense of belonging and bond in a casual setting. While growing COVID-19 vaccinations have helped, still having the whole team or families together seems almost impossible.

As the holiday season is approaching fast, we are all in a dilemma on how to create a sense of being together. Unlike a few lucky ones with the option of in-person, the rest of us are figuring out hybrid or virtual celebrations. 

Are you wondering what fun virtual Christmas party can you host for your family, friends, or team members? Something that would be memorable and fun, just like your traditional Christmas party? Don’t worry! Here at FLOOR, powered by, we’ve made it our mission to help you build new holiday traditions with our customizable virtual and hybrid event platform

In this round-up, we have pulled together a list of the top 10 virtual Christmas party ideas for 2022. All of these are tailored as per team size and requirements, making them perfect for virtual and hybrid teams alike.

Best Virtual Christmas Party Ideas For 2022

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

1. Virtual Christmas “Minute-To-Win-It”

A great way to make your virtual Christmas party more fun is by including a round of minute-to-win-it challenges. These challenges are mini-games where teams compete with each other in a series of short challenges. Inspired by a TV game show, each game is designed to be highly competitive and as silly as possible using only simple materials that can be found easily. These challenges are short, fast-paced, and hilarious to watch and participate in. The event can be staged online using the virtual platform FLOOR. In each round, teams will nominate a member to compete with nominees from other teams, while some of the games will require total team participation to win the challenge. Virtual “Minute-to-win-it” can be full of nail-biting and exciting moments as teams battle it out in various 60-second challenges. At the end of each challenge, teams are scored and the team with the highest points is crowned Minute To Win It Champions!

Here are some challenges to get you started at this game:

  • Candy Cane Tower: Players compete to see who can build the tallest tower with candy canes.
  • Jingle All the Way: Each participant takes turns singing Jingle Bells in different ways. For example, singing with a comical voice or backward. The most entertaining or funny singer wins.
  • Face the cookie: Each player balances a cookie on their forehead, and races to be the first to eat it without using their hands.

With FLOOR’s customizable themes and networking features, Virtual Christmas “Minute-to-win-it” can be tailored as per the event requirements.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for 2022

2. Virtual Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a timeless Christmas tradition as receiving presents is a big part of Christmas parties. Picking out a present for someone is a very gratifying experience, and receiving one is also filled with a lot of fun and excitement.

If your team members are working remotely across different locations, it gets difficult to coordinate for the gift-giving ritual. One idea is to use online e-commerce platforms to deliver gifts at everybody’s designated address. Once everybody has received their presents, wait until the Virtual Christmas Secret Santa party and open them together using the virtual platform FLOOR! 

Or instead of sending gifts online, each person can choose a random name from the participant’s list and perform a special act or say a few words for that person. Secret Santa can join the ‘table’ of the designated person using the FLOOR whilst enjoying the performances of all other employees simultaneously. This Virtual Secret Santa will add a lot of fun and excitement to your Virtual Christmas party this year.

Virtual Christmas Party

3. Virtual Christmas Trivia

The easiest way to get started with Virtual Christmas Trivia is to divide your team into small groups. Each group can start by choosing a Christmas-themed name for their group. All participants will be asked a question, each team will then have 60 seconds to discuss the answer with teammates in breakout rooms using FLOOR. Each teams’ answers will be collected using the virtual platform’s private chat feature. The team with the highest score will be declared the winner at the end of the game. 

Here are some Christmas trivia questions to include: 

  • Which was the first company to use Santa Claus in ads? Answer: Coca Cola
  • What is the name of the real-life person that Santa Claus is based on? Answer: The Christian bishop St. Nicholas
  • Which country was the first one to start the tradition of decorating and putting up Christmas trees? Answer: Germany
  • Which Christmas song was written for Thanksgiving? Answer: Jingle Bells

With custom branding logos for your organization and other customizable features offered by FLOOR, you can infuse a lot of fun and excitement into your Virtual Christmas Trivia party.

4. Virtual Photo Booth

A photo booth at events always creates a buzz. Virtual photo booths have a lot to offer when it comes to creating memorable experiences and increasing attendee engagement. The Virtual Photo Booth by FLOOR allows attendees to bring the traditional photo booth fun to the event while offering options to click pictures and add customized backgrounds, filters, props, and a lot of other fun things! The Virtual Photo Booth by FLOOR is the perfect way to transform your virtual event into a fun and memorable experience.

5. Save our Santa! Virtual Escape Room 

Virtual Christmas Party

Virtual escape rooms are a compilation of challenges, clues, visuals, and puzzles designed with the goal of escaping the room or a situation. Virtual escape rooms encourage teamwork and team-building skills for remote collaborations. You and your team can hop onto FLOOR this Christmas with a mission to save Santa Claus as he has been kidnapped by Mr. X. The game will begin with a welcome brief before splitting groups into small teams of 4 – 8 using private breakout rooms offered by FLOOR. The participants will be following clues, answering trivia, and working together to track down Mr. X and free Santa. Once a team completes their mission, they will be returned to the main room and the team which escaped first will be declared the winner.

6. Christmas Movie Pictionary

Everyone loves playing a game of Pictionary, and to make it even more fitting for the festive season, you can add a Christmas twist. With a virtual Christmas Pictionary, challenge your team to draw movie titles or scenes from favorite festive films. Start with dividing the group into 2 – 4 teams and send them into breakout rooms using FLOOR. Each team will designate a player to draw a picture of the title given to them. The Opposing team will send the movie title to the player using a private chat feature. Team members from each team will go turn-wise to share their screen featuring them drawing out the movie name on a digital whiteboard. Allocate a set amount of time for each team to guess the correct answer. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game and makes Santa proud.

7. Virtual Christmas Decoration

Though you and your remote colleagues may not decorate an office Christmas tree together, you can still have a virtual Christmas decoration party to continue the trend. With FLOOR, team members can design and decorate Christmas trees through an online platform together. You can add more fun and a competitive edge to the virtual tree decoration session by turning it into a game by scoring each participant individually and selecting the best decorated Christmas tree. Participants can also talk about their favorite Christmas traditions and share memorable experiences, making it a great friendly activity.

Virtual Christmas Decoration For Virtual Christmas Party 2021

8. Virtual Never Have I Ever

When you’re having a virtual Christmas party with your team, including a round of the classic Never Have I Ever game is a great way to infuse some fun and excitement. Also, it’s a great chance to get to know your co-workers on a different level. 

Here are popular Never Have I Ever questions that can be asked during the game.

  • Pretended to like a present that I secretly hated.
  • Called someone with the wrong name more than once.
  • Been secretly relieved when plans got canceled because you didn’t want to leave the house.
  • Texted something embarrassing to the wrong person accidentally.
  • Pretended to make a phone call to get out of a conversation with a coworker.

9. Virtual Christmas Awards

Hosting a virtual award ceremony and recognizing employees for doing a stellar job is an incredible way to show appreciation towards your team and create a sense of togetherness. You can invite your team members to attend the virtual awards ceremony on FLOOR and can include various sessions like mini-speeches or different awards categories. You can highlight great work, achievements, and good spirits with the official awards category while using the unofficial awards for funny and memorable incidents. You can also publish the categories before the event to generate excitement or you can allow team members to vote for their favorite nominated candidates as well.

Here are some of the ideas that you can use:

  • Mission Impossible Award – for the employee who pulls off a crazy deadline.
  • Calmer of Storms Award – for the employee who manages to stay calm during stressful situations.
  • Brainstorming Wiz Award – for the employee who introduces new ideas to a project.
  • The Picasso Award – for the employee with a creative vision.
  • Walking Encyclopedia Award – for the employee who knows everything and loves to learn more.

10. Modern Holiday Bonus

The end of the year can be a great opportunity to demonstrate appreciation for the hard work your remote employees have been putting throughout the year. Virtual rewards are a tangible way of empowering them to recognize their wins and major milestones along the way. 

Here are some of the ideas that you can use to make the receiving individual feel valued.

  • Audiobook on its own or an audiobook subscription service, like a Kindle Unlimited membership.
  • Gift cards and vouchers of online portals like Amazon, eBay, MakeMyTrip, etc. 
  • Streaming service subscriptions like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+.
  • Subscription to an online language membership to give them access to a new world of communication.
  • Subscription to any of the FLOOR plans or entry pass for any virtual or hybrid event hosted on FLOOR.

Virtual Christmas parties and team-building activities are perfect ways to reconnect and reward your employees for year-long hard work and dedication. No matter if it’s an ice breaker, a Christmas quiz, or any other activity you’re looking to include in your virtual Christmas party, FLOOR has got you covered. Select some of the ideas for your Christmas get-togethers and then customize FLOOR to get the right festive mood going. Talk to one of our custom event specialist, to explore our holiday party features.

Virtual Christmas Party ideas

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