10 Ideas To Celebrate Christmas Virtually

Virtual christmas party

This year has been all kinds of different! The pandemic has forced people to isolate and stay locked down to avoid the coronavirus. There are still a lot of restrictions on gatherings and events. With consistent work from home, for corporates it can mean all work and no fun. 

But if you think that this Christmas there would be no Santa, no gifts, no games, no wine, and no excitement – you are wrong! Virtual party celebrations have successfully taken the party scene by a storm. Be it an annual event, a get-together, a festival or office parties, all occasions are now conducted virtually. And with a lot of aplomb!

While hosting a party virtually is extremely simple and quick, it can be a little tough to come up with ideas to keep everyone entertained, especially if you are part of the hosting or organizing committee. But worry not!  If you are looking to organize a Christmas event or party for your employees, your stakeholders or even your customers – you have come to the right place.

We have come up with a few ideas to make sure your Virtual Christmas Party is full of fun, frolic, and magic, this year too! Especially, with FLOOR, powered by 10times.com, it is really simple to customize your virtual event. Select your own panellists, participants, festive theme and event names. 

Here are ten ideas you should try out to make your virtual Christmas celebration a huge success!

Virtual christmas party

IDEA 1: Ice Breaker Xmas Games

Some light-hearted festive-themed games are the best way to get to know each other and indulge in some lively banter. Christmas games would make everyone comfortable and ready for fun in your virtual party!

Using the FLOOR powered by 10times, you can explore a variety of tools and facilities to organize some fun filled games for the Christmas event.

Here are some Christmas themed games to try out:

  1. Trip down the Merry Memory Lane

It’s a game that is suitable if the participants are not more than 15-20. Give 5 minutes to everybody. Everyone should write down something hilarious (any funny incident) that has happened with them in any of their past Christmas holidays. (we all have had some!)

One by one, each person shares their experience or incident, no matter how embarrassing or funny it is! This will break the ice between everyone and set the tone for the rest of the event. Use the Discussion Wall feature of FLOOR to make this experience even more amazing and seamless.

 No winners in this game. With such a gala time, everyone wins!

  1. Say it with pictures

If it’s a virtual party, can you leave out the trending memes, images, and GIFs? Each attendee must share an image or GIF that describes their current holiday mood/vibe! Suppose you allot them 5 minutes of extra time. In that case, the participants can also customize the meme/image according to their style to make it even more hilarious. The one with the best picture or concept is declared the winner!

2. Guess the Lyrics

There are so many melodious Christmas carols that are underrated and not widely known! Christmas is the perfect occasion to bring back the melodic tunes of those carols to our lives. Pick up the first few lines of five such carols, and ask the participants to complete the lyrics. The person who guesses the lyrics of most of the carols is deemed the winner! 

3. Unscramble the X-mas Code


Guess the word! Not so simple, is it?

The word is reindeer!

Similarly, you can scramble a few Christmas-related words (approximately 10-15) and ask everyone to arrange them properly on a piece of paper. The participant with the quickest correct list is declared the winner of the virtual party! But this activity is more fun when done with the Discussion wall of FLOOR, it not only gives everyone a common wall, but also make the activity super fun!

This game is a lot of fun when played along with children. After all, a little learning while playing makes the game more fun!

Virtual christmas party

IDEA 2: Secret Santa, Virtual Version

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Secret Santa is every office party’s staple Christmas event.  But can it be played in a virtual Christmas party? Of course, it can!

If you think it would be tough to shop and send shipments or ordering online is not your cup of tea. Don’t worry – that can be avoided!

 Here’s how:

A different kind of Secret Santa

Each person chooses a random name from all the participant names and becomes their Secret Santa. Instead of sending gifts online, every Santa has to perform something for the person they get on Christmas eve.  Their secret santa can join their ‘table’ via the FLOOR and you can have performances of all employees going on simultaneously! Isn’t that an extraordinary gift? A performance dedicated to you! Solely you.

It could be a song, dance, and act, or even a speech! This is a no-budget Secret Santa that will bring a lot of fun and interaction with the party and surprise everyone pleasantly! So, get ready to shake a leg with this year’s secret Santa virtual party.

IDEA 3: Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party – Virtually! 

Really? Yes. 

Don’t miss the fun of leisurely sipping wine and cocktails with your family & friends. With the Cocktail Session feature of FLOOR, you can add a lot of twist and fun to your Christmas, alcohol wise!

Play games like ‘Never have I ever,’ ‘Who finishes the fastest’ and enjoy the cocktail session to the fullest in your virtual party, like never before!

IDEA 4: Christmas Rapid Fire

You can make a festive presentation for this activity where each slide has a Christmas-related question. The attendees have to answer the question they get during their turn!

 You can enjoy this activity much better by using the Discussion Wall of FLOOR.  This is because it helps discuss, ask, and answer all the quirky fun questions among all the participants even in a virtual party.

The Polls and Q&A of FLOOR is also great if you want to enjoy a rapid-fire session in your virtual get-together this Christmas.

The questions shouldn’t be serious but fun and casual. You can include questions like:

  1. The worst Christmas movie, according to you?
  2. Why does Santa need a better vehicle?
  3. Why are candy canes becoming curvier?
  4. Which is the Christmas Carol you always mess up?
  5. A weird Christmas tradition from around the world that you know?
  6. Why should Santa go on a diet pronto?

These are just a few examples of weird questions for Christmas, and you can add your special twist to Christmas questions and present them! This will bring many laughs and surprises to the party and bring out everyone’s quirky, fun, and creative side. This is what Christmas is all about, after all.

Virtual christmas party

IDEA 5: Santa in the House

What’s Christmas without the presence of Santa, right? This unique activity is solely for kids (and some of us adults who are still kids!)

One family member dresses up as Santa with a beautiful Christmas tree, fireplace, and loads of presents in the background. Each child gets a one-to-one session with Santa where they tell him what they’ve done this year and the gift they want!

After taking note of all the ‘good’ kids and their wishes, Santa can magically make the present appear in their parent’s closet! Trust me. Your kids will not only enjoy the experience but also remember this virtual party for a lifetime!

At the end of the Santa meet and greet, all the children can join the virtual get-together, and the Santa can sing Christmas Carols with them and tell them about the birth of baby Jesus.

IDEA 6: Meet & Greet

This idea is apt for a virtual office party. If you have plenty of guests in your virtual party and want to give everyone a chance to meet and greet each other, avoid getting messed up with constant overlapping voices and videos. Instead use the Broadcast option of FLOOR, which allows you to broadcast your greetings to your custom guest list! 

You can also arrange a speed M&G where each employee has a table of their own and other employees take turns to have a personal M&G just by joining the table. They can add their own photo and name to the table to make it more interactive!

Alternatively, FLOOR’s social wall feature allows everyone to share their wishes and greetings for the other in the most personalized way.

Virtual christmas party

IDEA 7: Vibrant Christmas Theme

This is an excellent choice if your virtual Christmas celebration involves many extended family members, friends, and children.  To dive into the festive spirit and raise the competitive quotient, several competitions can be hosted.

First, you must decide on a dress theme for your virtual Christmas celebration. It could be a color – like red, green or white. It could be a dress code such as formals, casuals, or sweaters. It could also involve fancy props like a Santa cap or reindeer headgear. Or, it could be a combination of all three!

You can decide the prizes for each category. Some of which can be:

  1. Best dressed couple
  2. Best dressed child
  3. Best dressed woman
  4. Best dressed man
  5. Best prop or accessory
  6. Best makeup

Alternatively, you can also have a fancy dress theme for the children. They can dress up as an elf, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, snowman, and anything that is Christmas related.

The prize you can give out for this competition can be titled the Best Fancy Dress. The rewards can be decided based on majority votes. But how do we conduct voting and count the ballots in this virtual party? Worry not! With the polls and Q&A feature of FLOOR, you can easily take everyone’s vote and decide the winners based on the majority! Simple, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can also use the jury option available on FLOOR. Select the panelists from your participants and the panelists have a separate discussion board where they can discuss who wins!

IDEA 8: Christmas Crafts

Christmas is all about creating and crafting joy! Crafting and drawing can bring out the child in all of us. Christmas crafting is an idea that will not only tickle your creative cells but also boost up the festive vibe in your family! This activity can be conducted between families, employees, teams, collaborators and many 

Here are some ideas for the Christmas Crafting activity:

  1. Decorate your tree.

Decorating your Christmas tree within a fixed time limit along can be exciting and tense at the same time. This helps your family bond together for all the tasks and gives you the liberty to flaunt your creativity through decorations! Let’s face it, we all want to show our Christmas tree decoration to our families – just like every year! Each participant’s family decorates their Christmas tree, and a selected jury member decides which one is the best-decorated tree!

  1. Christmas Cards

Don’t we all love sending and receiving Christmas and holiday cards? This is a perfect activity for children. They can make lovely Christmas cards for their friends, parents, grandparents or aunts & uncles through this activity. Making the Christmas cards virtually with their cousins and friends can give a different kind of excitement and impulse to children.

IDEA 9: Photo Shoot

Christmas doesn’t feel the same without clicking photos, videos, and selfies with our loved ones and family members. With the Photo Booth of FLOOR, you can easily enjoy your virtual party – just like an actual get together. This photo booth gives you options to choose custom backgrounds, filters, props, poses and a lot of other fun things! 

There are plenty of other fun activities that you can try out with Photo Booth. You’ll not just have a load of vibrant, happy pictures at the end, but also memories and experiences of a lifetime.

IDEA 10: Digital Gift

Whether you’re organizing a contest for your employees or just exchanging pleasantries with relatives, gifts are the main essence of Christmas. But gifts in a virtual party? Yes. Digital gifts can be exchanged or distributed as part of prizes of various contests or Christmas gifts.

 Here are some options for a digital gift that can be sent out virtually: 

  • Subscription to an OTT platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • Gift Voucher of online shopping portals like Amazon, eBay and many others
  • A free course of their choice from UpGrad, Coursera or many others
  • eGift cards with Christmas and New Year greetings.
  • A free master class for spiritual healing, cooking, yoga or dance. 
  • Free entry to your next virtual event organized on FLOOR
Virtual christmas party

While there is a lot of planning and preparation involved, even for a virtual Christmas celebration – it is worth the effort! Make your families, employees, or friends enjoy this year’s Christmas with the virtual set up of the most fabulous Virtual Christmas Party!

With FLOOR as your virtual party tool, they will not only enjoy the party – but also be amazed!

Virtual christmas party

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