April 2022 Product Updates

Our teams have been extra busy this month, so we have some very exciting features and enhancements to share with you for this new release!

Our latest product updates is part of our ongoing effort to elevate your user experience on FLOOR and paves the way for more exciting updates coming in the next few weeks.

 Let’s check out our major highlights below without further ado.

  1. Community Wall Redesigned

The social wall or activity feed is now more prominent in the community mode. Now users can upload images, and publish polls or discussions in a more easy and hassle-free manner. The new feature also makes the handout bag more user-friendly. Users can access easily check handouts based on different categories in the community mode. Organizers can also check the active members in the lobby/chat area. 

02. Build Your Audience With A Single Click

Managing your audience or inviting new users is now easier than ever! No more extra efforts for you to find scheduled meetings or invite users via emails or social shares from different sections.

You can now address all your registered and new users communications needs with an all-in-one Build Your Audience Suite!

03. Session Playback in Preview Mode

Never let your attendees miss a moment of action from your event. ⏳

Now after a session is over, you can allow your attendees to access it for playback in preview mode/community mode. Participants will also be able to see the polls, questions, and chats from the session.

04. Watch Party Is Now Live 📺🎉

You can now keep your attendees close and engaged during live sessions! How? By allowing them to watch sessions together by creating a “Watch Party” on FLOOR. 

Watch Party allows users to watch live or pre-recorded sessions together in a video-chat setting. The feature synchronizes the stream for each of the participants so that they can watch sessions, comment and interact with each other in real-time.

Check out the complete list of product updates to learn more about how you can incorporate these product enhancements into your next event.

Apart from these new features and enhancements, FLOOR is packed with over 100 more exciting features. When you sign up with FLOOR, we guarantee to deliver you a seamless hybrid or virtual event. Talk to our experts to know more.

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