3D Graphic Platform or Virtual Event Platforms? 5 Factors to Consider

3D Graphic Platform

With virtual events fast becoming the norm in this pandemic era, event planners consistently seek new ways to add more value, engagement, and wow factor to their virtual events. Many event planners are keen to try out 3D Graphics platforms for their virtual events. There is a wow factor and a unique visual experience that attendees can witness while attending an event on a 3D platform. But along with that, there are particular things that an event planner needs to look into before opting for a 3D platform for their event. 

Innovative virtual event platforms provide ease of use and flexibility that might be difficult to find with a custom 3D platform. Along with the wow factor and uniqueness, an event planner needs to consider the platform’s ease of use and flexibility to drive maximum engagement. Another critical point to focus on is the ROI while choosing the platform.

Let’s look at some critical factors that event planners must consider before opting for a pricey customized 3D platform.

Factors to consider when choosing a 3D Graphic Platform:


1. It can lead to visual fatigue for the attendees.

Just like a 3-Dimensional experience can be more fascinating to the mind, it can also cause more fatigue to the eyes. Especially if your event lasts for more than a couple of hours, the visual fatigue level of your attendees can be tough to handle. Remember, this is not a big movie screen. This is a personal laptop or mobile screen where the attendees sit at a very close distance from their machines.

2. Increased Battery Consumption & Memory Usage

3D setups can take a toll on your event attendees and their machines! Along with the fascinating 3D perspectives, a 3D graphic platform can be heavy on your attendees’ machines in terms of battery and memory usage. If some attendees are joining from a remote location, they might end up with conked-off phones and laptops even during the event! Similarly, it can be tough to browse other things while being present on a 3D graphic platform. 

3. High Internet Bandwidth is a prerequisite

3D Graphic platforms can be a tormenting experience for someone with low internet bandwidth. Consistently disrupted audio and video can lead to an awful attendee experience. Especially if your attendees are from a remote location, it can be challenging for them to keep up with the high-end requirements of a 3D graphic platform. Additionally, it can be difficult for users to navigate and explore other options in a 3D setup compared to a typical virtual event setup. 

4. The Cost Factor

As an event planner, this factor can be a crucial aspect for you. A 3D Graphic platform typically has higher pricing than other platforms. Staying within budget and conducting all the pre and post-event marketing, activities, and contests might be challenging when you choose a 3D Graphic Platform.

5. Less Flexibility and Tedious Setup

Setting up a 3D graphic platform can be a long and tedious process. At the same time, explaining it to the attendees who are not as technically sound will be challenging. Another paramount concern for event planners is whether the 3D platform is optimized for mobile viewing and engagement.

As an event planner, you are well aware that there could be many last-minute changes that you might need to accommodate. While it can be possible on a virtual event platform, a 3D event platform might require rewiring from scratch to accommodate such changes. This can lead to a waste of significant time and energy. 

dvantages of virtual event platforms over 3D platforms
  1. More Affordable than custom-designed 3D Platforms
  2. Quick, easy, and flexible setup and management
  3. Ease of accommodating last-minute changes
  4. Maximum user engagement 
  5. Community Building Options through the event.
  6. Utility Focused
  • Communication automation
  • Feedback aggregation
  • Advance management system

FLOOR – Best of Both Worlds

While there are many pros and cons of using a 3D platform, you can still provide a 3D experience of your virtual event with a brilliant strategy. The strategy is to combine the best of both worlds – The charm of 3D space and the versatility of a virtual event platform. We mean that you must use a virtual event platform that is not only flexible, versatile, and reliable but also helps you add 3D effects for your events.  By using 3D graphics at specific strategic points of the virtual event platform, your event will be a brilliant amalgamation of 3D wow effects and a smooth virtual event experience.  With FLOOR, powered by 10times, you can customize your virtual event with 3D effects at multiple points in your event. Here are some places where you can witness brilliant 3D images and graphics for your event.

  • On the entrance/ landing page
  • On the login page
  • Session Launch Screen
  • Custom Exhibitor Booth Entrance

You will get a variety of options at each point that can be optimized for your event. Platforms like FLOOR are designed -in-line with digital solution standards users are familiar with. This makes the platform easy to understand and quick to get comfortable with. With FLOOR, you don’t have to worry about accommodating any last-minute changes, low internet bandwidth, mobile optimization, and the event’s high memory or battery usage. You can maximize your user engagement and ROI both, by planning and conducting your virtual event on FLOOR. Here are some unique features of FLOOR that can add more spark to your event!

  • Smart breakout rooms
  • Social features like photo booths
  • Virtual background options (Perfect for occasions and parties)
  • DND – Do Not disturb feature for premium attendees
  • Advance Meeting booths
  • Live connects -Networking Rooms
  • Private/ Open tables

We’re sure that you know the pros and cons of both 3D platforms and virtual event platforms by now. The best way to utilize the benefits of both these worlds is to use an advanced virtual event platform that can add customized 3D effects at various intervals. FLOOR is the best virtual event solution that offers the best of both worlds and helps you plan, create and manage a seamless and value-rich virtual event!

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