Creating 365 Degree Event Engagement on a virtual event platform

Virtual events have become common ever since the pandemic hit. On the other hand, event planners are still searching for flexible virtual event platforms and innovative ways to differentiate their events amid high competition.

One such fantastic concept to increase the impact of your events is by implementing a 365-degree event engagement strategy. This refers to the enhanced engagement of all attendees beyond a single event. It aims to engage the attendees beyond the confines of a specific event or specific dates.

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The first and most important step to driving a 365-degree engagement for your event is choosing a virtual event platform with several flexible options and networking tools that can help materialize this strategy.

Benefits of a 365-degree Virtual Event Platform

  • To facilitate 365-degree event engagement, you need to create a strategy that focuses on brand engagement, community building, and opportunities for collaboration.  If you use a single-stage video streaming or conference platform, you will have to start from scratch each time for each event. 
  • With FLOOR, a holistic virtual event platform, you can achieve an ongoing engagement. You can offer several options to your audience to consume the digital content you put out 
  • A platform that provides 365-degree engagement helps you build your audience instead of having to lure them back and starting from scratch each time you do an event. Building a community will help in the long term. 
  • You can easily monitor detailed analytics such as page views, question and answer count, poll answers, and social media engagement on FLOOR. It provides you insights that can be used to create micro-communities as per audience interests. 
  • A highly targeted niche audience can guarantee continued engagement. When you cater to the right audience, you can create more content exchange and networking opportunities between your attendees.

Here are some quick ways to drive engagement:

Pre Event Engagement

  • Highlights from your past event

Video content is popular and easy to consume by your audience. A creatively edited video from your last event focusing on the highlights can be an instant interest booster for your audience. You can also share a vlog or blog about your past events to increase the interest level of your audience. 

  • Client Testimonials 

If you are new to the virtual event scene, it is natural for the audience to be skeptical about your event. Client Testimonials can help ward off any doubts in your attendees’ minds and assure them of a productive time at your event. 

  • Sneak Peek into Speaker Bio

Nothing works better than a well-written speaker bio for each of your speakers. Speakers are the main attraction of any event, and it is essential to list out their experience, accomplishments, and other information to build credibility among the audience.  

  • An Itinerary Page

An event page with the itinerary can help your audience get an idea of what your event offers. A planned calendar with exciting pre-event, event, and post-event activities, contests, and sessions can spike audience excitement. 

During Event Engagement

  • Don’t rely on pre-recorded speaker sessions

Content is the king. If your content is not compelling enough, your audience is bound to leave. This is a prime reason why your speakers should be influential and interactive

While it is alright to have a couple of pre-recorded speaker sessions, it would be better to have a decent mix of LIVE and recorded speaker sessions. Offer breaks between speaker sessions for interaction and networking opportunities. 

  • Encourage Networking Opportunities

Encourage your audience to exchange their digital visiting cards, social media handles, and emails. Provide enough opportunities to facilitate 1:1 or 1:4 group chats for better and free-flowing communication. You can utilize breakout rooms, booths, and lobbies for this purpose.  

  • Select the RIGHT virtual event platform

When you use FLOOR as your virtual event platform, you can easily host, manage and promote your event. Creating an event page utilizing FLOOR features such as QnA, polls, screen sharing, customizable booths, Chat, breakout rooms, lounges, and lobby can enable you to create a memorable event experience for your attendees. 

Post Event Engagement

  • Send out a Post Event Survey

A post-event survey can help you analyze the success of your event and the overall attendee satisfaction as well. The best time to send the survey is after 12 hours of the event. The survey must enable the attendees, customers, or vendors to rate several parts of the event. If they are giving a low rating, you can also ask for the reason and suggestions they would like to offer. 

  • Organize a bonus Networking event 

This event can offer the vendors, attendees, and customers to mingle and share their contact details. You can use breakout sessions as a part of this networking event which helps group people who have a similar interest.  

  • Reach back to the Guests

Don’t forget your attendees after your event gets over. To facilitate effective post-event engagement and keep them interested in upcoming events, you must reach out to your guests.

 One way to do this is by sending out simple thank you emails. You can go a step ahead by offering them a discount coupon code for your next event or previous merchandise. An attractive early bird deal for your next event or a small tangible gift can also significantly impact engagement.  

  • Post Event Contests

You can engage your guests by rolling out a fun social media contest for the event attendees to keep the ball rolling. Depending on the social media platform you are targeting, it could be a photo contest or a caption contest.  Create a custom hashtag and give out exclusive prizes to the winners to extend the engagement level beyond the event! 

Implementing a unique pre-event, in-event, and post-event strategy using the above pointers can help you create a 365-degree event engagement experience for your audience on FLOOR, a holistic virtual event platform.

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