7 Unique Ways Colleges Are Using Virtual Platforms to Keep Students Engaged

The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools, colleges and universities to move their courses online while faculty, administrators, and staff worked remotely to protect millions of students and themselves. Even before the pandemic, there was already high growth and adoption in education technology, with global edtech investments reaching US$18.66 billion in 2019 and the overall market for online education projected to reach $350 Billion by 2025. Whether it is virtual tutoringvideo conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been a significant surge in the usage of virtual platforms for educational purposes.

The educational institutions are hosting their routine gatherings, activities and exuberant celebrations virtually or in a hybrid manner. Several virtual events platforms like FLOOR allow users to create engaging virtual experiences for large as well as small groups. From virtual campus tours to live awards symposiums, the online platforms offer everything including virtual reception rooms to greet attendees, stages for broadcasting content via live video, networking tools to pair people up in one-on-one conversations or customizable exhibitor booths for recruiters.

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Types of virtual educational events

  • Career and College Fairs

virtual career fair is a type of recruitment/outreach event that connects recruiters and candidates in a virtual space to network and promote employment opportunities. You can provide career opportunities for students by hosting your annual career fair as a virtual event. With FLOOR’s expo feature, each company can have their own branded booth, live or pre-recorded video sessions and other informative materials for students. Use matchmaking tools to map students with universities at virtual education fairs.

  • Virtual Alumni

Alumni meets provide an opportunity for alumni to meet and interact with their old friends, teachers, classmates and share their memorable experiences. You can host virtual alumni meets to bring together globally scattered alumni to share their experiences of the entrepreneurial and corporate world. Use FLOOR’s one-on-one networking feature to encourage conversations. Set up a custom group chat rooms around any topic you’d like. 

  • Student Orientation 

Colleges and universities conduct virtual student orientation to welcome new students to their campuses and provide them with the necessary academic and social information. You can host an orientation programme on a virtual platform. You can utilize various features including an auditorium to host sessions for the entire freshman class. Allow students to meet new friends with FLOOR’s one-on-one video networking feature. Students can visit the booths to gather more information through live or pre-recorded videos, slide presentations, and more.

  • Conferences and Summits 

Universities are known to host large-scale events like conferences and summits that allow students to connect and network with other students and experts. Create a panel of leading experts and allow students and sponsors to present their projects ideas with live streaming tools. You can use the stage to reach the entire audience in one place or you create roundtables or breakout sessions. With FLOOR, you can host keynotes, presentations, fireside chats, panels, and interviews. You can customize your event keeping your brand aesthetics in mind. 

  • Virtual Admission Counseling

Allow students to get guidance from education advisors online to understand the current situation and make future plans accordingly.  Conduct group sessions as well as one-on-one video chats with admissions officers with the videoconferencing tool. Create virtual tables for students to meet with the university of their choice and learn more about the offered courses.

  • Virtual Convocation or Graduation Day

Host an online convocation ceremony with formal remarks from the chancellor, special guests and fellow peers. Use virtual awards and degrees to felicitate students. Use Virtual Photo Booth by FLOOR to create Graduation Day memories. 

Global Institutes Using FLOOR

At FLOOR, we have facilitated large-scale virtual and hybrid events for various universities and educational institutes that foster strong relationships with students, alumni, and school networks.

SEAMEO Congress

Organizer: Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization

  • Total Live Minutes – 190696
  • Registrations –  16828
  • Reactions –  149329
  • Discussion – 9005
  • Lounge Meetings – 2718
  • Booth Visits – 6991
  • Q&A- 1262
Virtual event

De La Salle University-Dasma riñas High School Research Fair 2021: VIRTUAL EDITION

Organizer: De La Salle University

  • Total Live Minutes – 378458
  • Registrations –  1831
  • Reactions – 59545
  • Check-ins – 3067
  • Discussion – 168
  • Q&A – 169
  • Lounge – 120
Virtual event

Collegepond Uniconnect 2021

Organizer: Collegepond Counsellors Pvt Ltd.

  • Total Live Minutes – 55,630
  • Registrations – 1016
  • Booth Visits – 4082
  • Discussion – 1,767
  • Check-ins- 2057
  • Reactions – 1209
Virtual Event Platform

4th Doctoral Congress in Engineering

Organizer: University of Porto

  • Total Live Minutes – 237087
  • Registrations –  687
  • Check-ins – 1355
  • Reactions – 3864
  • Discussion – 1301
  • Q&A – 238
Virtual Event Platform

Rwanda Interschool Virtual Debate

Organizer: Ikaze P.C.O

  • Total Live Minutes – 28,588
  • Registrations –  65
  • Reactions – 1,055
  • Discussion – 205
  • Check-ins- 253
  • Engagement- 81.40%
Virtual Event Platform

With FLOOR you will have your own virtual venue – with your branding and your content- that will help you to reinforce your identity and feeling of belonging among your academic community. Ready to create unique virtual experience for your students? Contact us for education pricing.

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